1.Coating:  first of all ,we will coat the PET film with one layer of release agent.

2. Printing: print the film according to the confirmed pre-printing file,samples or special panton no as your requirement.in this process,we will coat one layer of glue to the film,which kind of glue will be used for film is depended on the material of product which you want to print.

3. Solidification:The printed film will be left in a solidified room to make the ink and glue solidification for more than 24 hours ,This room will be under certain temperature and humidity.

4. The preliminary inspection:

Quality examination is applied to every batch of printing. Color match checking and actual heat transfer process onto same material as customer products to confirm the release and glue feature to avoid quality accident in the following production process in the warehouse of customer.

5.Slitting or Die cutting

This process is to slitting the big rolls into the height for customer using or die-cutting for IML customer also.

6.  full inspection

With 60 experienced quality control staff, each single meter of printing is inspected. All defective printing will be remove from the actual printing to ensure the quality of the print you get in hand.

7.Packing: Each roll film will be marked product identification (order number, plate number, the number of meters,customer name)and put into one plastic bag .Several rolls will be put into one cartoon with big plastic bag in it already.The cartons also will be marked carton identification (plate no,rolls quantity,date,customer name).If there is only one or two cartons of your order, each carton will be wrapped very well with preservative film .If there are many cartons of order ,dozen of cartons will be packed by pallet ,then wrapped by preservative film and packing belt.Pallet ,preservative film and packing belt may protect your film very well and keep the film in good quality in transportation.

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