Metal replacement versatility of packaging production process

Mould paste is a new label packaging, direct screen printing, different from the traditional heat shrinkable labels, self-adhesive labels, in Europe and the United States has been popular for many years, China after two or three years of wait, also began a large-scale application finally.

In mold label is mainly used for PP, PE, PET and other materials blow molding and injection products. In blow molding, injection molding, injection blow into the mold cavity, paste have good printing mold mold, injection blow when, after the mode of action of high temperature and pressure in the melting viscose paste special mold with molten bottle or plastic parts as a whole, when the mold is opened have a beautifully printed, or that a one-time infusion bottle.

The advantages of in vivo labeling
(1) directly enhance the anti-counterfeiting function of products, more in line with the needs of high standards of corporate brand protection.
(2) the inside of the mold is beautifully printed, can be laser, aluminum and other special effects, so that greatly improved product packaging grades.
(3) the form is novel and beautiful, not easy to fall off, waterproof, oil proof, mildew proof.
(4) to improve the hygiene and safety of packaged products and to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by the two printing and labeling.
(5) the overall cost is significantly lower than the traditional label and direct screen printing and environmental protection.

In mold label application industry

(1) packaging containers for beauty and hairdressing products;
(2) medical and health products packaging containers;
(3) food and beverage packaging containers;
(4) packaging containers for oil and other chemical products;
(5) packaging containers for edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.;
(6) decoration of daily necessities such as basin, barrel and cup.

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