Determine the paster method of quality


Primary receiving plate components used to care for positioning the bottom paper took over after the membrane stripping, auxiliary material feeding. Protective film Posting style differences screen technology is also many different kinds of films have differences, differences of sticker on the adsorption of style is very eve of the area, in addition, that is to say, protect membrane framed things are divided. In addition, the city road common and arm phone film material, more wear-resisting, resistance to delimit, cost is a little higher. Existing store boss as your home, at the edge of the door put a table, a store will have two stores. Do phone coated on the price, you can consult the dongguan here: name a few, generally 10 yuan straight machine, slide and cover shall be 1 PLC design criterion This phase is carried out in accordance with the control object and control requirements for PLC programming.

In general, the paster care is limited to the screen, more is the psychology is disseminated. In this step can be found in the realistic problems of the criterion, and then through the corrections after the content control requirements. Do phone coated craft free mobile coated craft: very easy to learn, no culture, you just need to buy that treasure of the envelope, mobile phone coated kedao, shears the a, two old bank card or mobile phone plastic card, a bottle of alcohol, is used to clean the mobile phone, package their mobile phone a few times to learn, in the night market place table can help others bag phone, also can be in the supermarket. Mall. Market. Night market or cell phone to buy of the eve of the field to rent a counter to do, as long as there are people place can make money, China has more than 500 million mobile phones, you don't need to worry no business.

Convenience to carry the machine design is exquisite, with the rapid growth of the mobile phone market in China, the sticker machine complex mobile phone and digital product market has given rise to the personalized beauty market, growth prospects and capacious broad-mindedness of the eve of the wide. Aggrandizement glass protective film hardness can reach 9 hpet material in high temperature hardening freedom of the molecular structure of base material profile not average scattering happens, efficacy have protective film "rainbow stripes" so-called "rainbow stripes" because of base material in the freedom of the hour of need had a high temperature, and in the freedom of high temperature, molecular structure of base material situation is not the average scattering happens.

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