Mould labeling techniques


Mould labeling technology is a new type of labeling technology, has been around for years in foreign countries. Different from the traditional direct screen printing, heat shrinkable labels, adhesive labels, such as technology, mould labeling is mainly used for the material such as PP, PE, PET blow molding and injection molding products. Mould labeling, can do laser printed, aluminum plating, such as special effects, make the product packing grade is greatly increased. And improve the safety of the packaged product health, prevent secondary printing and labeling of environmental pollution.

Mould stick mark the specific process: before the blow molding, injection molding, inside the mold have printed the label in the blow and injection molding cavity, when blowing, injection mold on after mould the effect of high temperature and high pressure melt mould special glue on the label, with the bottle or plastic melting as a whole, when the mold opens, a has beautifully printed bottles or note a one-time finish. Mould labeling form is novel and attractive, fall off not easily damaged, waterproof, prevent oil, mouldproof. Comprehensive cost significantly lower than the traditional mould stick mark label and direct screen printing and environmental protection. And enhance the anti-counterfeiting function of products directly, can conform to high standard enterprise brand protection needs more.

Mould labeling technology application range, while assure product packaging beautiful, won't cause any damage to the product. Mould labeling applied to food, beverage, medicine, health food, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar and other spices, beauty, hairdressing products, such as oil powder, liquefied products packaging container and washbasin, barrels, cups and other daily necessities of the chandeliers.

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