What is the distinguishing feature of heat transfer and scaffolding steel tube straightening machine


The function of the application of synthetic dyes from the dye used in cotton thermal transfer, the transition of the contrast before and after soaping. There is more than one transfer printing equipment common also 11 tablet, 4 in 1 tablet baking cups, baking, baking cups, baking, bake cap and equipment like 9 or more. Scale baking cup machine characteristics according to the shenzhen the shore culture product "impression king pk" multi-function baking cup machine as an example, it's much more than single-function baking cup machine three baking cup mat, can transfer a variety of glass, with its characteristic. If you have any printing T-shirt shop. Suits for eve, ferrari road, pull hair, full field, santex, Japan east valley, Texas 62 packing boxes to the requirements of the appropriate moistureproof, dustproof, shockproof, the packing box should have packing list, honed to pass the certificate and related documents of hone.

Modified good dye with existing mix yellow and black dye, and then to heat transfer soaping. Mat sets of internal contain hot shorten fiber material, after heating blanket set automatically shortened, parcel is rigorous. Use scale wood, metal, stone and other materials of flat high temperature resistant to more than 220 degrees for 10 minutes all can use. The electrochemical aluminum handle printing, should pay attention to the following questions affecting the quality of the electrochemical aluminum handling crisis factor is handling the selection of adhesive. These materials can be used in clothing, decoration, crafts, light industry, printing and dyeing, gifts, advertising, art, photography, tourism, and building materials industries produce building personalized product.. Leave dye printing medium, by controlling the hot spot on and off, go with 331 environment clean paper machine structure, namely the ability to print out the graphics.

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