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No one thought of small pieces of wood can through a special production process, make the surface of the "they" put on a variety of beautiful coat, added many color and let our childhood! In blocks before is just a regular printed by screen printing operation is digital, now through our "thermal transfer" process to make them on the purpose of play the incisively and vividly! Building blocks by process after printing, "thermal transfer" surface by clear, high precision, stereo sense is strong, rich layers, colour is gorgeous, surface smooth, high wear resistance strong adhesion of the excellent characteristics. Factory transfer printing process is simple and quick operation, no pollution and other advantages, improve the product grade and added value, greatly enhance the market competitiveness of products.

"Jinyan company - Cici" sweet popularize knowledge for the baby's mother:

Building blocks is the sparrow is small, all-sided baby partner, it is composed of various shapes of small block, after the baby's tiny large-handedness wisdom into the imperial palace and the Great Wall, also can become the new tribal and cities. Lego set is composed of various shapes of different size blocks, here is the beginning of baby recognize geometry, and the baby began to understand the world. Standard building blocks have a certain size and proportion, the baby in handling process, can sense the building blocks of different shape, scale, size, weight, height, length, etc.

Small blocks is like Chinese characters one by one, see no special at first sight, but together will become a wonderful articles, touching words, and building blocks is built pavilions, dream of the palace. Children in front of the building blocks to good idea eventually, thinking to choose what kind of wood can realize their conception of engineering. Lego toys to children's imagination, thinking structure, modelling ability is good exercise, and can develop children's spatial perception, creativity, play to children's organization and understanding, enhance endurance and interest in building science. So, building blocks can provide children with the imagination of the vast heaven and earth, can effectively promote the development of children creative thinking, cultivate their creativity.

Blocks are small but do not look down upon, small blocks his history is very long, the earliest building blocks he was born in Europe, it is known as the "father of preschool education" is the author of the bell. Bell invented the enlightenment educational toys is the first for the purpose of education, which is now say children AIDS. Better understand nature, let the child in the game of the building blocks toys to expand knowledge and ability. And the building blocks are collectively referred to as the "thing", which is a gift from god.

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