In the knowledge about thermal transfer printing ink


Is mainly hot stamping, plastic products, production speed work eight hours a day can produce thousands of products, so the thermal transfer like by major manufacturers. Can be used for plastic products have ABS, PP, PE, EVA, PVE, PT, etc., can also be used for stainless steel and glass products, paint, leather. Thermal transfer printing method: by the manufacturer to produce spent membrane, membrane installation on the thermal transfer machinery on the flowers, adjust the temperature 180-180 degrees, pressure, and then hit the switch can hot stamping.

Optimal thermal transfer: thermal transfer from to the pressing die cutting machine relative to the pay cut other mould thermal transfer equipment has simple structure, convenient repair, easy to take over, easy to replace the hot stamping die cutting indentation edition, suitable for different g materials, die-cutting precision and a series of heat transfer and so it has a broad market.

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