The Chinese and foreign experts exchange heat transfer technology


Design is because of the characteristics of the heat transfer process in the wiring cabling rail when should pay attention to the following aspects

The line width is not less than 15 mil spacing not less than 10 mil. Have attached to the output is good, wear-resisting, good fast, vivid, colorful patterns, etc the eve of the eve of enhance the grade of the product. Process cumbersome production cycle is long. The following lines operation, for example to fame, other types of powder things approximation. Elbow dye solution onto paper color will appear bucket strength depressing but once there is a before and after the transfer printing will bright up out in the differences in color may need to get to the expected with differences of paper and fabric first "Zhi sample exams of differences made chromatography is expected to end in order to press  hip coloring.

Specific process of thermal transfer style to build PCB step 1: operating a software can generate images generated some image file, like a low version protel SCH, operating collection table to generate response PCB diagram again (not protel, even Windows paintbrush criterion line), in preparation for printing. Is out of line in the plastic products, cylinder and conical surface, a plane surface less multicolor printing can be a complete process, high efficiency, low cost and no pollution is commodity printing a create a refresh. Multiple sets of a high rejection rate color is only piece of color from the surface colour stiffness, the eve of the error.

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