Supply thermal transfer production


According to the application of thermal transfer code has two modes: intermittent mode: packaging film to go forward, then stop. With a laser printer on the common printing paper printing PCB diagram (adjust the ink color most thick). But because the process craft content is higher, a lot of materials must be imported. 7 before welding welding can be carried out on the copper foil tin-plate freedom but do not use the solder paste. Pressurized heating 2 minutes back and forth. Actually otherwise, all kinds of solvent polarity, ablation force and speed of volatile life-size grading to the system into the toplayer over double panel border must retain for alignment. Its reason is the digital design through the printer to special transfer ink watermark on the heat transfer from, again with special transfer printing machine, high temperature and high pressure to design precise general situation of the transfer to the goods, finished goods printed.

Whether you are producing other product sample is still a family pack, thermal transfer printer is directly on the label or flexible thin film print ideal choice. When triggered, ribbon speed up to the film, the print head is reduced, start printing. Himself as a degree theory, the copyright owner, in favor of the authorization of sun Ann polytechnic university has dissertation department use, namely: have degree graduate student to submit Hong shed delimit the print and electronic dissertation, Hong shed can use copy, printer, or other copy means keep graduate students to hand in the dissertation, the dissertation can be fully content encoding or department relevant database retrieval for mathematical and scientific purposes, Hong shed can be open degree of text or decrypted dissertation as information in the enclosed figure 2 hall, library and other places, or in the campus network for reading to blaspheme, browse from teachers and students.

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