The advantages of thermal transfer technology:

1. The pattern is exquisite, bright and high precision printing.

2. The multicolor pattern is a molding, without color.

3. The operation is simple, exquisite printing workers, the production cost is low.

4. Product loss small, high value-added, adornment sex is strong.

5. Strong adhesion.

6. Accord with standard of green printing, no environmental pollution.

Thermal transfer technology because of its more advantages are widely used in:

Coating, lubricating oil packaging, household products, food packaging, cosmetics, stationery, handicrafts, toys and other industries. Suitable for: PP, PS, PC, ABS, PE, PVC material such as plastic products, and the wood after spray paint, stainless steel products.

Thermal transfer film favored by domestic and foreign customers and praise, products are exported to Europe, central and South America, Africa, Middle East, southeast Asia area of more than 60 countries and regions. Look forward to cooperation with you!

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