Source power production enterprise development always lies in the "people", since 2005, the enterprise creates the employee welfare fund, set up the recognition awards, such as good employees special devotion now the recognition award in the staff of more than 10% through, in October 2010, under the general manager zhu yu product led enterprises to participate in the "inflammation yanting county charity federation branch set up". Companies make employees feel self moment in his career, show a personal values in social groups.

Company on the construction of a new reform in 2011, let staff in the hotel standard suite, demining type post skills and professional training, in his spare time to enjoy the joy of the game of the library, recreation room and gym, and see in not regular team development activities have a boundless enterprise culture, and inspire our employees, and each time in the organization to create unique personality of the core ideas, management philosophy and group spirit, has the members from the heart to produce a high mood and the effect of the enterprising spirit, respect for people as the basic spirit, through the positive ideas make employees have a strong sense of mission, lasting driving force, let employees have hope in the organization, and look forward, to be our employees of self-motivation a ruler. Straighten out the staff's mood, condensed the power of the employees, to form a team spirit, our people's subjective initiative, make the fate of employees and enterprise community and the interests of the community.

The company has a dynamic team, our team members come from all over the world, in order to a common dream together.

We are passionate, but the background; We have unlimited vitality, tolerance for solitude; the same We are full of ideals, down-to-earth to realize; Our imagination is infinite, we refused to mediocrity!

Here, complementary advantages, we don't have to worry about his idea of the implementation of the limited by the boundaries of the own ability; Here, our team of every idea to get advice, eventually tend to be perfect; Here, we are together, not too high, only accompanied by friends, Here, our work is deserved affirmation, pay a rewarding!

Enterprises are always standing in front of employees, using different methods of profound employees feel we are all participants and community.

Jinyan family———"home" is our concept of core employees, and the pursuit of "development" is the enterprise eternal topic!

Innovation is not just to shake hands with, the more valuable is going hand in hand! Wilson benesch endeavoring jinyan, love has no end......

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