Film production technology and equipment development


If the screen is clean enough, relying on the static tension of sticker will stick on the screen, the whole process will be very smoothly, and post screen also will be very clean, dispense with the trouble that squeeze bubbles, which is why I always emphasize screen to wipe clean. Hd film shows the best, but easily stained fingerprint; Grind arenaceous film non-stick fingerprints, but the display will be trance; Mirror mirror film of him, but very influence, according to advice on the mobile phone back. With wet towel, sponge or indecision chimes available after cloth to wipe the membrane surface. Grind arenaceous film, mirror film because of adding extra materials, light transmittance is will eve, in general, grind arenaceous film can completely the cross well over 80%. But like a milestone with toughened glass to protect the body, "armor", on the edge of all metal package machinery appear to have no need. Light surface embossing PVC wall paper material: imported, natural straw, imports of pure paper, non-woven paper, non-woven fabric, seamless cloth material for you to choose.

If you really need to squeeze bubbles, avoid by all means don't use of bank CARDS or COINS so hard tool slide on the screen, that is likely to cut sticker or make a bubble.  stick good if back off, can caress membrane with transparent adhesive live an Angle slowly down. Text coherent, fluent speaking, layout reasonable, no wrong character, not plagiarism. If the mirror end is partial her love how? Small make up recommend the iphone back mirror surface membrane, positive is still use hd or frosted. It is durable and can be a brush and water to clean. Car explosion-proof heat insulation film market strength, fighting with thousands of brand product, but the really good function, a product that is not much, explosion-proof heat insulation membrane function is complex, explosion-proof function and anti-ultraviolet function, fully functional, insulation function, prevent glare function, add privacy function, such as determining membrane fitness scale to see where is the demand for membrane function.

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