Injection molding machine guide



With the fastest speed, lowest cost, best molding cycle to meet the quality requirements.

2. The scope of

Applicable to molding department the personnel of the machine and process adjustment homework.

3. The assignment

(1) whether it is a new product or production of the product, must be the required production process data, product model, material properties and the structure of product weight, mould materials. Production of the product, find out production process information, its input computer, mould, equipment adjustment to a specified state.

(2) check whether equipment, mould, materials can enter the state of the machine, the material is dry, the mold is clean and can work normally, the cylinder is cleaned, barrel temperature achieves the molding temperature, the water is open, and so on.

4. The machine

As for the production of products, the craft parameter input after normal operation, the product can be mass production after QC inspection well.

As for the new product, operation steps are as follows.

(1) set of material barrel temperature for normal molding temperature. According to the product weight, set the melt and shoot glue.

(2) according to the mold shot rubber process to determine the shoot rubber pressure and velocity, generally take medium voltage (50 ~ 80 mpa), speed (30 ~ 60 mm/s).

(3), depending on the type of gate size set shoot rubber pressure maintaining time, point gate 6 ~ 8 s, side gate and sprue 8 ~ 10 s.

(4) according to the mould cooling water distribution and product wall thickness to determine the cooling time, early set to 15 ~ 20 s.

(5) and then manually bei goods, according to bei goods defects concrete increase or decrease the relevant data, to meet the quality requirements for normal production.

Those from manual to semiautomatic, production while calibration data, finding the best injection molding cycle. Molding cycle = unlock + time + time + melt injection time cooling time, for more than four time shorten as far as possible.

Generally a capacity of 110 g of injection molding machine, injection mould, such as junior type mould or the open time control at about 2 s, respectively, with line can be appropriately adjusted slowly. According to the regulation of injection time of 0.5 s decreasing time try beer, until a defect, stop adjustment in response to the last data.

Melt time determined to minimize the back pressure and speed up the melt velocity, in order to not appear mixed color, it is advisable to spend. Cooling time of adjustment with shoot rubber time adjustment, with 1 s for decreasing time try to beer, the set-up of the finished product compared with standard sample, if the same quality, is the best set-up time.

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