Thermal transfer using the matters needing attention


Released recently, tyco electronics for global markets announced to launch a print function on predecessors, sustainable 24 hours in the end of the thermal transfer printer te312 that is in the scale baking cup mat mat into a size 25 x 11 cm, thickness is 3 mm high temperature thermal conductive silicone pad (too book against the glass, too thick heating time is too long cause image trance), the test roast small cup at 180 oc roast at the mercy of four minutes. With toughened glass because the heat is not easy to broken when the sublimation, and popular glass is fragile. Now suggest that can use the sublimation from the giants with the style of cotton fabric fixing agent to transfer, is nothing more than a little bit of a problem, the best direct do processing with low cotton T-shirt, fast and good, the heating time more than 40 seconds.

This product is specially designed and manufactured for logo print tyco electronics covers, cable identification and thermal transfer label (for thermal transfer multimark) and other products and design. Put 4 water into the pan, then pour 3 points of hydrochloric acid, stirring with a glass rod to gradually step in 1 minute, hydrogen peroxide, continue to stir with a glass rod can be painted with paint after (also can use transparent tape paste with a knife to cut the line outside the department) into the copper foil board, general five minutes at the mercy of erosion can be finished, took out a copper foil board, washed with water, dry after use. Film transfer printing: craft today first used for extremely high content of cotton clothes. Acquisition equipment advanced workmanship free of charge. But general mark cup can't directly transfer, must through a coating (coating) special freedom, to design transfer. Crystal like not directly printed on the crystal billet, and to be printed on a piece of frosted glass stick up again. Kent's (xiamen) new material fabric have a direct printing and silk screen printing the first way of handling printing. The disambiguation of dispute for sample fabric. Equipment, ink and other manipulation of the heating temperature and time.

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